Let’s Talk Wedding Budget

wedding budgets | newly weds holding hands

How to Start the Conversation Can you hear the wedding bells? With so many dreams and emotions surrounding the wedding planning process, the wedding budget can be a sensitive subject to approach with a parent, child, or fiancée. Here, we spoke with First Things First President and CEO Lauren Hall to learn more about how […]

Estate Planning for Singles

illustration of single woman doing estate planning

Preparing for the Future No matter your life circumstances, estate planning provides an important opportunity to prepare yourself and your loved ones for the future. Here, we talk with Evan Russell, a financial advisor with Raymond James Round Table Advisors, to understand this process and some specific needs that unmarried individuals might have. Documentation Demystified […]

How to Ask for a Raise

graphic illustration of male worker discussing a raise with his boss

Money Talks If the thought of sitting down with your boss and asking for a raise seems highly intimidating, you aren’t alone. Although it’s not always an easy conversation to have, when backed by some research, key talking points, and a little confidence, the discussion becomes a lot less scary. Just remember, you and your […]

Banning the Budgeting Blues

Illustration of piggy bank with glasses, calender, and woman holding large pencil

Setting Yourself Up for Financial Success Budgeting can sometimes feel like a massive chore, but it’s an important tool to help you plan for the future and feel more in control of your life. We asked three local financial experts to offer their best budgeting tips to inspire you to ban the blues and stay […]

Leaving a Legacy

The Practicalities of Wills and Estate Planning Although it’s difficult to imagine leaving your loved ones behind, it’s an inevitability that we will all face at some point. It can be helpful to think of estate planning as simply another way of taking care of your family. Stephany Pedigo, attorney at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, […]

Preparing Your Finances for Your Golden Years

Elderly coupling smiling because they prepared finances for the golden years..

Decade-by-Decade Tips on Planning for Retirement Planning for retirement can be overwhelming, but these decade-by-decade tips can help you move in the right direction. Your 20s & 30s At this point, you may still be paying off your student loans, planning for a family, or saving for a downpayment on a home, but even a […]

In Mint Condition: Income Disparity in Relationships

illustration of income disparity

Compatibility is an important part of any relationship. We’re drawn to people that we can relate to in some way, and we form connections based on shared experiences, common interests, similar goals, and other common ground.

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