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Let’s Talk Wedding Budget

How to Start the Conversation

Can you hear the wedding bells? With so many dreams and emotions surrounding the wedding planning process, the wedding budget can be a sensitive subject to approach with a parent, child, or fiancée. Here, we spoke with First Things First President and CEO Lauren Hall to learn more about how to start this important conversation.

What’s the best way to start a conversation about a wedding budget...

... With your child?

Always start a budget conversation with transparency and honesty. If you’re willing to give a certain amount to the wedding, be upfront about how much you will spend and make all non-negotiables clear from the very beginning. Stay as positive as possible, and remember this event is about your child and their fiancée, so their decisions and desires should come first as long as they’re within budget.

... With your parent?

With a parent, initiating a conversation about a wedding budget requires respect and understanding. Whether the parent is contributing to the wedding or not, talking through a budget with them and asking for their input should be done with careful consideration and realistic expectations. Remember to express gratitude for their support while gently discussing the financial constraints and goals for the wedding.

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... With your fiancée?

When discussing a wedding budget with your fiancée, approach the conversation with openness and empathy. Begin by expressing your shared goals and priorities for your big day. Be willing to listen to each other’s concerns and desires while being flexible in finding creative solutions that align with your financial resources. Remember to handle each other with care, as the details of one day aren’t worth a lifetime of poor memories and arguments around this exciting time.

Quick Tips:

Pick Your Priorities – It is crucial to be on the same page from the start and prioritize what truly matters to the engaged couple.

Listen With LovePractice open communication and active listening, providing support and empathy as you plan the celebration.

Care to Compromise – Encourage compromise by exploring options that meet all parties’ needs and values.

Befriend Boundaries – Parents should set clear boundaries regarding their financial contributions while allowing space for the child’s input and wishes.

Picture of Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall

First Things First, President and CEO

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