For Naturally Plump Lips

Lip Augmentation before and after picture

Lip Augmentation An Interview With: Cami Killom, NP About the Clinic Left to Right: Cami Killom, NP Traci Lyons, RN About Us: What We Offer: Medical Aesthetics Facial Anatomy Specialties: Medical Aesthetics Facial Anatomy Certifications: Medical Aesthetics Facial Anatomy Q&A How do you develop a lip injection plan for each client? Lip injections are performed […]

For Anti-Aging Skin Care

mature woman with full healthy skin who got dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers     Q&A What are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers, also called injectable fillers and soft-tissue fillers, are aesthetic products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help add volume and shape a natural, youthful facial appearance. They can add fullness back to age lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, and […]

Love Your Legs Again!

older woman doing yoga with her hands on her leg free of varicose veins

Varicose Veins     Q&A What causes varicose veins? Varicose veins, or blue bulging veins of the lower extremities, are caused by local or central venous hypertension. Elevated venous pressure will cause a superficial vein to dilate, elongate, and thicken. Patients “feel” venous hypertension differently – it’s often described as pressure, heaviness, or pain.   […]

Diving into Dermaplaning

young woman with smooth healthy skin from dermaplaning

Dubbed the “lunch-hour procedure” for its brevity and ease, dermaplaning is making a splash in the world of beauty. But what exactly is dermaplaning, and can it help you achieve your skincare goals? Here’s what you need to know. Dermaplaning is a totally safe, non-invasive cosmetic procedure. A dermaplaning session is performed by a dermatologist […]

Chemical Peels 101

chemical peels 101

What You Need to Know A quick guide to everything you should explore if you’re considering this popular skin rejuvenation therapy.  1. Why Get a Peel Chemical peels have become an almost ubiquitous form of skin therapy, likely because they’re effective and minimally invasive. They’re used to remove dead skin cells from your facial tissue […]

What to Know About Waxing

Smooth skin is at the top of many summer beauty must-haves. But before you run to the salon for a wax or buy an at-home kit, there are some things you should know. 1. Research your salon. Read online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends, or even stop by the salon to check it out firsthand. […]

Chemical Peels

chemical peels

Get Radiant with a Chemical Peel So you may not have your own personal “skin specialist,” but there’s no reason why you can’t get a dewy glow like the celebs. Check out this skin secret of the stars. Full PDF here. What It Is: A chemical peel improves the appearance of the skin’s surface by […]

Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

Your Ticket to a Dazzling Smile Cosmetic dentistry aims to create a positive change to your teeth and your smile, offering a “dental facelift” to correct discoloring, misshapenness, and chipping. Everyone wants a bright, beautiful smile, and various cosmetic procedures can work together to help you feel more confident about your teeth.  Full PDF here. Whitening […]

No Need To Suffer In “Vein”

Varicose veins

Painless Procedures for Varicose and Spider Veins Varicose veins and spider veins are considered some of the most chronic conditions in North America. Roughly 50 to 55 percent of women and 40 to 45 percent of men in the United States suffer from some type of vein problem. Varicose veins affect half of all people […]

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