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Varicose Veins

An interview with Christopher LeSar, MD at Vascular Institute of Chattanooga


What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins, or blue bulging veins of the lower extremities, are caused by local or central venous hypertension. Elevated venous pressure will cause a superficial vein to dilate, elongate, and thicken. Patients “feel” venous hypertension differently – it’s often described as pressure, heaviness, or pain.


What types of treatment are available?

If the superficial venous system is the problem causing the varicose veins, an ablation technique can be used to close the source vein, leading to improvement of the symptoms. Laser therapy (EVLT) and medical glue (VenaSeal) are both options. Occasionally phlebectomy is added to remove very large veins through a small incision. Sometimes symptoms originate from the central veins within the abdomen associated with obstruction, which is treated with balloon venoplasty and stent therapy.


Where are these procedures performed?

Almost all of the venous procedures today are performed in the office as outpatient. These procedures are minimally invasive and are tolerated well with sedation and local anesthesia.


What is the recovery time?

It is important to take a few days off for proper recovery. I tell patients if the procedure is on a Friday, then Monday is fine to return to work.


What types of results should I expect?

I would expect that venous symptoms of pressure, heaviness, or pain are significantly reduced after the various procedures. Superficial veins should be flattened or less visible with the ablation techniques or gone if phlebectomy was also completed. Patients often report a significant improvement in quality of life scores.

group photo of the team at vascular institute of Chattanooga

l – r: Hailey Scott, Diane Baggett, Will Russell, Sherrie Ferrer, Christy Gregory


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