Six Rules to Raise Your Children By

It seems like now, more than ever before, parents are questioning how to raise their children. They are asking questions like: How do you teach them to respect others and authority? How do you take a strong will and point it in a positive direction? How do you teach them to take responsibility for themselves?
By Julie Baumgardner, MS, CFLE
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Julie Baumgardner MS,CFLE
Julie Baumgardner

According to internationally known psychologist and award winning author Dr. Kevin Leman, we have arrived at a place in history where American families have become child-centric. American parents are permissive and democratic, and American children have become spoiled, sassy, and out-of-control. If children today want to do something and their parents say no, they often sneak around their backs and do it anyway. The idea of doing chores around the house without being paid is considered by many youngsters to be “unfair” and “beyond the call of duty.” Dr. Leman believes that allowing young people to operate in this manner is not preparing them for the real world, and he outlines six important rules parents today should teach their kids.

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