Quality vs. Quantity Time with Dad

4 Ways Dads Can Foster a Close Relationship with Their Kids

The issue of quantity vs. quality is a tough one, especially when it comes to time spent with your children. They grow up fast, yet life can be busy. Should you bring them along with you to run hours’ worth of errands or spend a solid 45 minutes playing catch in the backyard? Finding the balance between the quality and the quantity of time spent is an important step in fostering a close relationship with your kids. 

Make time. According to parenting experts, one of the most important things you can do to strike the balance in quality vs. quantity is to plan ahead. Make it a priority to schedule quality and quantity time with your kids into your week. 

Involve them. Include your kids in activities that you’re obligated to do. If you have to run to the grocery store, bring them along for the ride and make it a positive activity. 

Do your research. You can’t always make your kids’ dreams come true, but listening to small requests can have a big impact. If you’re going to a restaurant, think about making it something they will enjoy too.

As the parent, part of your role is to make the calls, but being thoughtful and attentive to their preferences can go a long way. 

Pay attention. Relationship experts can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be present while you’re spending time together. Distractions  abound, but quality time means pushing these aside to create an engaged experience with your kids. If you spend your time with them listening to the radio and chatting on your cell, you’ll miss out on something special! 

In the debate of quality vs. quantity, there is no clear winner. Focus on creating plenty of quantity time, then take steps to make that into quality time. The impact it makes on your children’s lives will be immeasurable. 

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