Helping Kids with Portion Control

It’s important for adults to keep portions under control, but it’s equally important to teach kids at a young age to practice healthy portion and serving sizes. Things kids learn when they’re young, like healthy eating habits, are likely to stick with them throughout their adult lives as well. But how do you help your kids eat healthier, smarter serving sizes? There are lots of ways! Here are a few:

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1. Serve food on small plates, so there’s no empty space.

2. Avoid giving kids an entire bag or container of food. Instead, serve individual portions.

3. Encourage kids to color their plate with bright foods like squash and tomatoes. Colorful foods tend to be healthier.

4. Aim for three healthy meals and two snacks per day. Strategically choose snack time so kids will be hungry at mealtimes.

5. Explain the concept of the “divided plate” to your kids – use one top section of the plate for protein and the other for a starch, then fill the bottom half with veggies or fruit.

6. Incorporate salads or fruit before the main course to give a sense of fullness.

7. Order kids’ meals at restaurants or have appetizers as a main dish – restaurant portions may be up to triple the recommended serving size.

lunch box with healthy fruits and sandwiches

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