Encouraging Healthy Hobbies

According to the Child Development Institute, hobbies are an essential part of children’s development. They help children find ways to express themselves, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and build self-esteem – not to mention how much kids can learn from different hobbies! These local ladies know the importance of encouraging healthy activities and fostering interest in various endeavors. Check out their perspectives on how to help children get into new hobbies.

allison burk and her children from chattanooga at the beach encouraging healthy hobbies for kids
Owen, Griffin, Allison, and Gus Burk
“As important as structured activities are for my boys, I feel unstructured time is just as important. My job is to provide them with the opportunity to explore their environment and learn what kinds of things they enjoy. Some of our favorite things are playing in our own backyard, camping, swimming, and beach vacations. My approach is to lead by example, get outside, give them some space, have fun, and make them wear helmets!”
Allison Burk
karlene claridy and her children standing outside together in chattanooga healthy happy family
LaRyn, Karlene, and Kollin Claridy
“I have always encouraged my children, Kollin and LaRyn, to break away from their daily study routine to move for an hour – participating in a hobby that’s fun or creative, doesn’t require much thought, and enables them to use a different area of their brain. Whether it’s playing a team sport, walking the dogs, working out, hiking, or completing arts and crafts projects, hobbies of any kind have helped to refresh and rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and souls.”
emily ford and her children encouraging healthy hobbies for kids in chattanooga
Asher, Kennedy, and Emily Ford
“There are so many lessons my kids can learn in trying new things. And I don’t want them to only be involved in activities they are good at – I want them to learn how to deal with failure and work hard toward their goals. They are too young to specialize in any one activity, so I want to keep introducing them to new opportunities. Hopefully they grow to be well-rounded adults who enjoy many different kinds of people and activities.”
Emily Ford

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