Spring Into Cleaning

Spring is synonymous with fresh starts. Warmer weather ushers in a whole host of new traditions and tasks, and one that has been at the forefront for centuries is the notion of spring cleaning. While there are certain tasks such as dusting or vacuuming that should be done with much more regularity, others tend to take a backseat. Below are just a few less-remembered tasks that should have a place on your cleaning checklist this spring!

  • Wash baseboards, window sills, and walls
  • Clean vents
  • Dust overhead lights and fans
  • Vacuum lamp shades
  • Clean out unused and expired items from your pantry and refrigerator
  • Vacuum and mop behind appliances
  • Clean interior of your fridge, oven, and dishwasher
  • Polish furniture
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Wash throw pillows, curtains, and bathmats
  • Change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replace or wash shower liners
  • Thoroughly dust blinds
  • Discard expired makeup and clean holders and cases
  • Degrease backsplash and tops of cabinets 
  • Vacuum dryer lint trap
  • Reseal grout lines
  • Polish metal door and window hardware
  • Wax floors
  • Wash window screens
  • Dust or wash trim and moldings
  • Wipe down kitchen and bathroom drawers
  • Sharpen knives
  • Descale kettle and coffee makers
  • Donate unused items and clothes
  • Clean television and computer screens
spring into cleaning

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