Meet Clair Lanter

Q. Tell us about your soccer career. What are you up to now? 
A. I started playing soccer around the age of 5, but soccer has always been a part of my life. My older sister started playing at a young age, so my earliest memories involve being at the soccer fields. In addition to playing soccer for my school teams, I played club soccer with Pedro Kozak. I received a soccer scholarship from Lee University, where I played for four years. After graduating, I became the assistant soccer coach of Soddy Daisy High School and began coaching at East Ridge Futbol Club. Last summer, I played for the women’s CFC team under my high school coach, Moises Drummond. I’m currently playing on an adult 5 vs. 5 Chattanooga Sports League team, and I coach youths for Chattanooga Futbol Club Academy.

claire-lanter_1Q. What advice do you have for women who are hoping to become more active and healthy? 
A. I would encourage everyone to try different things. I would go crazy if I had to do the same workout every day. Chattanooga has so many options for people looking to create a healthier lifestyle. I’ve tried step class, Ultimate Frisbee, rugby, tennis, and even kickball. If you don’t like running, try a yoga class. If you prefer playing sports, join an adult sports league. Just go out and try something new!
It’s a great way to meet people and stay active.
Q. What accomplishments have you achieved through the sport? What has inspired you and kept you motivated?   
A. Soccer has allowed me to experience so many wonderful things. I was made captain of the Lee University soccer team as a sophomore, and during my time playing there, we won three NAIA National Championships. Soccer has also allowed me to travel all over the United States and even overseas. We played in California, Texas, Oregon, and one summer we traveled to the United Kingdom to play teams in England, Scotland, and Wales. While winning has always motivated me, it was my teammates that held me accountable and inspired me to work harder and be better each day.
Q. What types of training do you do to stay on top of your game? 
A. It wasn’t until after I graduated college and stopped playing soccer competitively that I discovered that I could actually enjoy going on a long run. You still won’t find me on a treadmill, but Chattanooga has helped me discover that a nice scenic run can be really refreshing. There are so many beautiful trails and greenways around this area. I work downtown, and on my lunch breaks I’ll either run across the Walnut Street Bridge or run the greenway by the Art District. I also really enjoy trail running at Enterprise South Industrial Park and various hiking spots in Soddy Daisy.

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