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Inspired: Molly Cupp & Amanda Brazier

Women Celebrating Women

The word inspire is defined as the act of filling someone with the urge or ability to do something, and here in Chattanooga, we have no shortage of incredible women who motivate those around them day in and day out.
Whether they intentionally set out to be a role model or random acts of kindness are simply in their DNA, these women are making the world a better place. Read on to learn more about the individuals who encourage others to be the best version of themselves told by those they inspired most.
Molly Cupp & Amanda Brazier

Her mindfulness has inspired me to appreciate the beauty in God’s creation, and to live life every day with a purpose.”

Molly Cupp, Inspired by Amanda Brazier

Over the last five years, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Amanda through church in Red Bank. She is welcoming, encouraging, radiates energy, wears a contagious smile, has a listening ear, and displays compassion to those around her. She’s been an encouragement to me spiritually, but in recent years I’ve been inspired by her lifestyle and her artistic ability. 

Amanda is mindful and lives with intention in almost every aspect in her life. She is intentional with her relationships and exemplifies this quality as a mother to her two young boys. She is passionate about finding opportunities to help the environment, but also takes the time to help serve the people within the community. Amanda is well-known in the community as a volunteer, but also as an accomplished artist. 

Amanda is able to summarize and express who she is through the art she paints. It’s not just the image or patterns that she creates, but the intentional time that was spent before putting it onto canvas. She uniquely makes her own oil paints out of the soil from the ground we walk on every day. She is intentional about the resources she uses, but also is able to tell stories through the patterns she so intricately paints. 

Her mindfulness has inspired me, and others, to have a new perspective, to lend a helping hand, to slow down, to appreciate the beauty in God’s creation, and to live life every day with a purpose.

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