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Inspired: J.D. Richards & Rozz Bloodsaw

Women Celebrating Women

The word inspire is defined as the act of filling someone with the urge or ability to do something, and here in Chattanooga, we have no shortage of incredible women who motivate those around them day in and day out.
Whether they intentionally set out to be a role model or random acts of kindness are simply in their DNA, these women are making the world a better place. Read on to learn more about the individuals who encourage others to be the best version of themselves told by those they inspired most.
J.D. Richards and Rozz Bloodsaw

Rozz inspired me to step into my dream of helping women to reconnect with or discover their dreams.”

inspired: J.D. Richards
inspiration: Rozz Bloodsaw

Dreaming allows you to release your potential, talents, and gifts. When you decide to activate your dreams, they will produce whatever you can believe. This type of encouragement is what I love to share with those who desire to become – and Rozz Bloodsaw is definitely one to take the bull by the horns. 

She is a natural-born creative. Her journey required her to step out of her comfort zone into a space that she didn’t even know existed for her. Rozz embarked upon mosaic art for the first time, and to her surprise, her art captured the attention of the local community as well as others throughout the country. 

Rozz inspired me to step into my dream of helping women to reconnect with or discover their dreams through coaching. We are both hairstylists by trade, and we believe that we are created for more.

We all have the ability to choose, change, and create the life of our dreams. Start this year off by being free from doubt or reservation and “just do it,” as my sister Rozz did – and the rest will take care of itself. “Your Dreams are Directions to Your Destiny.”

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