Inspired: Autumn Newman & Tammy McCallie

Autumn Newman inspired by Tammy McCallie


Around mid-January of last year I thought I was simply getting a new black lab puppy from a friend of my mom’s. Little did I know my life would soon change for the better. I gained a new best friend/mentor and someone who constantly inspires me. Whether it be our past experiences, our overflowing love for black Labradors, or our joy in hosting, I knew we’d be great friends immediately. You not only inspire me, but you are constantly encouraging to me through your cards that somehow appear exactly when I need encouragement the most. 

You have welcomed me into your home for family dinners, helped me with cake decorating, and invited me to learn how to help train my puppy. You and Dan have invested so much time not only into my life, but into my sweet little puppy, Magnolia, as well.

You have truly inspired me to be the best version of myself. You’ve encouraged me to get back into Bible study and have helped me to regain a feeling of self-improvement after tough life situations. 

Your love for others is clearly evident through the work you do at a local nonprofit and the time you pour into other local women’s and teenage girls’ ministries. I am so thankful for our friendship and know for a fact that God brought us together in this phase of life for a reason! 

- Autumn

Tammy McCallie (Left) and Autumn Newman (Right)

You have truly inspired me to be the best version of myself.”

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