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6 Tips When Preparing Your Home for Sale

As the spring season approaches, new buds aren’t the only thing opening back up. The housing market typically slows in the winter months, but with warmer weather on the horizon, homebuyers will soon be bustling again. With that comes open houses and more showings, so if you’re ready to list your home, now is an excellent time – just be sure to put your home’s best foot forward. We’ve compiled some helpful ideas and tips for getting your house ready to sell, hopefully inspiring stress-free success!

1. Repair & Restore

When prioritizing your to-do list, thoughtfully select the repairs and restorations you’re willing to undertake. Many common repairs, from leaky faucets and ceiling stains to a bedroom door that sticks, are inexpensive to fix and can be tackled over a weekend. If left ignored, you can be sure that potential buyers will notice.

2. Make Your Entrance Welcoming

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door, hanging a wreath, and laying out a new welcome mat are subtle refreshers that promote an inviting, friendly environment. If a buyer feels at home, they’re much more likely to picture themselves living there.

3. Enhance Your Exteriors

A dingy exterior creates the impression that you haven’t kept up routine maintenance. Instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with a good pressure wash, making your home shine like new. Improve landscaping by mowing the lawn, clearing pathways, and trimming shrubbery. Add a few colorful, blossoming flowers for a finishing touch, and you’ll enjoy a dramatic difference that buyers can appreciate.

4. Dress to Impress

Perhaps the most common sense tip in the book, clean your home until it sparkles. Have the carpets washed, dust the ceiling fans, and make sure anything buyers will touch or see is in shipshape. This includes organizing drawers and closets that buyers might peek into, as well as wiping down windows, mirrors, and baseboards. A well-kept home will establish a positive perception and a sense of trust with your future buyers.

5. Don’t Make It Personal

Remove photos, name placards, and sentimental objects from sight. Leaving the furnishings and décor as a blank slate will invite potential buyers to envision themselves in the space, rather than picturing you and your family. Similarly, if your family enjoyed brightly colored walls or bold patterns, now is the time to paint over them. Your daughter’s hot pink bedroom walls could be a turn off to buyers. So think about an update using a neutral shade.

6. Appeal to the Senses

Be sure to program your thermostat to a crowd-pleasing temperature before any showings. Eliminate unpleasant odors by taking out the trash and hiding your cat’s litter box. Want to go the extra mile? Display a bouquet or two of fresh flowers, or bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies to make your house smell especially homey. Just remember to set out the cookies for your guests to enjoy!

Another bit of advice is to prioritize which preparations are worth your time and money for the biggest return. Preparing your home for sale doesn’t have to be a large project and can pay off big. These six tips are a great starting point of things to consider, but in general, keeping the buyer in mind is key – help someone feel right at home in your house, and see if you don’t get a few bites!

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