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Energy Efficient Light Bulb in Chattanooga

Energy-Efficient Homes

11 Tips to Have a More Energy-Efficient House If you’re interested in improving your home’s wealth, consider the importance of energy efficiency. While this can

Arm opening window to let in air from outside in Chattanooga

A Breath of Fresh Air

4 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Air pollution is just an outdoor problem, right? Turns out, indoor air can be even more polluted

house painting tools


The Psychology of Colors From painting a room to choosing impactful accents, understanding the effects of color can go a long way toward helping you


Pest Control Pointers

How to Best the Pests The spring season is known for longer, warmer days, blooming flowers … and the pesky pests that invade your home.

construction paper cut out style house illustration in chattanooga

For Sale Finesse

6 Tips When Preparing Your Home for Sale As the spring season approaches, new buds aren’t the only thing opening back up. The housing market

Energy-Efficient Windows in chattanooga

Windows of Opportunity

Understanding Energy-Efficient Windows Whether you’re building, re-modeling, or just considering some energy-efficient upgrades, exploring and understanding these insulated window options can be useful as you seek

yellow couch, three hanging lights, and a small table with decorative items

Embracing Your Space

8 Tips for Decluttering Your House Here are 8 helpful tips for decluttering, organizing, and adapting your family home. Most of us plan on staying

white tea and ginger candle

Burn Through Stress

Soothing Candle from Local Retailer Watching a fire flicker is one of the easiest stress-busters there is. But this burning beauty, handmade in Chattanooga, take

man replacing ceiling air filter

Is Your Indoor Air Clean?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air pollution is typically 2 to 5 times higher indoors than out. That means the air your family

Rain Water Is Streaming into Barrel in the Garden.

Conserve and Preserve

Runoff and Rain Barrels In the days before highways, parking lots and commercial developments, the natural processes of rain water were managed by streams and

hazardous waste

Hazardous Waste

Around the House In a society of modern convenience, the easiest thing to do with a household item that is past its prime, such as

Radon Test


Tasteless, Odorless, Colorless-Dangerous Some potential threats to good health are more obvious than others. Smoking, overeating, and other lifestyle issues may be readily apparent to

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