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Meredith Mochel Chattanooga

Photo taken on location at BODE

Divorce is hard, but my life is full. The lessons in life and love over the last year have not been easy, but I am looking forward to turning 42."

Last year, I turned 41. From the outside, my life probably looked pretty dang great. I had been married for 12 years to a successful guy who had supported me when I started my own law firm, helped me buy the building that houses my office, and even renovated the space into a gorgeous office suite for me. An engineer and a lawyer, together we easily made a power couple. But years of growing our economic success did not bring us closer together on a personal level, and last year, we separated and divorced.

The change was enormously stressful, despite our separation being civil. As I write this, my ex and I are friends and communicate frequently about each other’s families, help each other with advice, and wish one another well. It’s something that I value greatly, but even though we came to cordial terms quickly, the changes were enormously stressful.

Not only did divorce bring major personal change, but I became faced with so many additional responsibilities. I had considered myself a strong, independent woman, all the while depending on someone being there to fix things that broke, worry about finances, and support me if my business ever hit a rut.

Suddenly, with our split, I was the sole owner of a 120-year-old building and sole source of support for myself. At first, I felt overwhelmed, but I kept my office building standing and stayed with dear friends while looking for a house.
In the fall, I bought myself my first solo house, and the day I moved into my house, I rescued a lab puppy who is now my running buddy, road trip companion, and co-worker. My business thrives with a renewed passion, and I can care for and invest in my cases like never before.

Divorce is hard, but my life is full. The lessons in life and love over the last year have not been easy, but I am looking forward to turning 42. I have great hopes for my personal life and my career, and I have plans to share my home and heart with many more dogs as I take my time to meet the right person with whom to share this great life.

Meredith Mochel, St. Elmo

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