Camping Conveniences

Healthy Products to Take on Your Next Adventure

Who doesn’t love to be outside during the beautiful fall scenery that Chattanooga offers? Time outdoors is actually proven to boost serotonin levels due to the bright sunlight and physical activity it offers. Check out these healthy products to take on your next adventure.

Tinted Facial Sunscreen by Good Fortune Soap Company


Even as the temperatures drop, it’s still crucial to protect your skin from the sun. This chemical-free, naturally tinted sunscreen is great for keeping your face safe with the added bonus of no white streaks.

Scenic City Sizzle Grilling Pepper by Alchemy Spice Company

Starting at $6.50

Kick your campsite culinary creations up a notch with this blend of tellicherry peppercorns, onion, garlic, fennel seed, chilies, rosemary, sea salt, file, ginger, celery seed, cumin seed, and white and pink peppercorns. Great for sprinkling on your seasonal produce too!

Auburn Slip-On Boots by Chattanooga Shoe Company


Fashionable enough for everyday wear, but rugged enough for the woods, these women’s ankle-high boots boast 100% waterproof design. They feature shock-absorbing cushioning and a slip-resistant outsole that grips slippery surfaces.

9 oz. “Original Dark” or “Hottie” Sipping Chocolate by The Hot Chocolatier

Seasonal Produce by Weekly Fig

Face Wipes by Sea to Summit


Made with real ground chocolate and spices, this decadent sipping chocolate makes an excellent campfire treat. A little indulgence can have some health benefits too – both the dark chocolate and cayenne spice are rich in antioxidants. Plus the tin travels well for camping treks.

Starting at $18

Healthy options to throw on the grill, delivered to your doorstep? Sounds good to us! Pack up some seasonal produce, locally grown, to have something else delicious to throw on the flame or snack on at camp.


When a shower isn’t an option on your camping trip, these wipes are a convenient alternative. Large enough to clean yourself and remove sweat, salt, and dirt, they are also compostable after use.

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