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Balanced: Rhonda Black Smith

Counter the Impact of Life’s Many Demands With Intentional, Restorative Practices

A life of balance looks different for everyone. For some, completing a hard workout and eating a nourishing meal may be soothing and restorative.

For others, updating a personal budget and meeting up with friends for a night of enriching conversation might be just what the doctor ordered. In this series, we celebrate the many ways through which we can come to centeredness by spotlighting women who are intentional about cultivating joy and balance through their own unique practices.

Establish a morning routine.

As a mom of seven, I’ve learned the importance of staying balanced. It’s easy to get off track if we’re not intentional. What keeps me grounded is my faith. I start my day with a hot cup of coffee or tea, Bible, journal, pen, and highlighter. I’m not just reading; I’m studying God’s word. Prayer is a powerful tool and is also a vital part of my morning routine.

Locate a space that brings you joy.

I love the outdoors, so having a space that brings me joy is a priority. My back deck is filled with plants, a wind chime, and comfortable seating. Recently, we planted organic lemon seeds, so it’s been fun running out there each morning and seeing their growth. This is my favorite space for reading my Bible or sitting with my husband or one of my children and having a conversation.

Spend time with loved ones.

With a large family, I’m in the kitchen a lot. I love cooking with the kids. I find great joy in preparing a meal and gathering around the table. We have something in our family called high-low. After we finish eating, each person gets to say what was the highest and lowest part of the day. It gives my husband and me a glimpse into each child’s personality and how we can encourage or pray for them. Spending time with people I love is something I deeply treasure and highly recommend.

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