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Medical technology is constantly evolving to better treat today’s health and wellness concerns. From state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to minimally invasive robotic surgery, read on to learn more about the latest technological advancements in healthcare.

This upgraded system has made analyzing swallow studies easier than ever for speech-language pathologists.

Dysphagia refers to swallowing that is persistently painful or difficult. This condition can be caused by weakened or damaged muscles and nerves, or the narrowing of the throat and esophagus.

Though the act of swallowing takes less than a second, technology can record and slow down this process for doctors to observe. TIMS MVP 5.0 is the most up-to-date imaging method available for use in modified barium swallow studies and is enhancing outcomes for patients with dysphagia.

How Does It Work?

When undergoing a modified barium swallow study, a patient will consume several different foods and liquids mixed with barium, a substance visible on x-ray. 


The TIMS system provides images of these foods as they travel down the throat, allowing a speech-language pathologist (SLP) to track their progression and look for any problem areas. The SLP will then use their findings to develop a treatment plan.

The Benefits of the TIMS System

Updated technology. The fifth and most recent generation of its kind, TIMS MVP 5.0 offers cutting-edge video recording and diagnostic imaging tools. This industry-leading system optimizes productivity by delivering the most efficient imaging available.

Gold standard-imaging. The TIMS system delivers images at 30 frames per second (fps), which is considered the industry gold standard.

Informed decision-making. The detailed imaging provided by the TIMS system is an important tool when assessing the cause of and best treatment for dysphagia. Equipped with this information, SLPs can make informed decisions regarding treatment and therapy methods.

An Expert Weighs In

“To provide evidence-based diet modifications and treatment plans for patients suffering from dysphagia, a swallow study is conducted to monitor and evaluate a patient’s ability to swallow a variety of food and drink textures. Siskin Hospital uses TIMS MVP 5.0 to improve clarity of real-time readings, record at 30 fps (which is the gold standard for the industry), and easily note and measure findings. The upgraded system has also improved our time efficiency, allowing for faster treatment implementation.”

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