Protect Your Pregnancy

09SSPrenatal2As you prepare to bring your baby into the world, it is important to pay close attention to factors that will ensure optimum health for both of you. The first step is to find a doctor or midwife you like and trust. Talk with friends and family about who they recommend and research area clinics and women’s health centers. Chattanooga is filled with qualified, experienced physicians and health professionals who can help you navigate your pregnancy with success.

By Katy Mena

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Early on in your pregnancy, your doctor or nurse practitioner can conduct several important tests to screen for congenital, genetic, or chromosomal problems. They can also run several tests to detect:
• Health problems in the mother such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure that can affect an unborn baby—the good news is these conditions are also treatable
• A baby’s sex, size and age—these tests can also tell your doctor where and how your baby is positioned in your uterus
• Fetal abnormalities such as heart problems
The CDC reports that of the 4 million American women who give birth every year, nearly one-third have some kind of pregnancy-related complication. Beginning prenatal care as early as possible can ensure that no serious complication goes undetected. Plus, your health care provider can offer you important advice about diet, exercise, and prenatal vitamins that will strengthen you and your baby.


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