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Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg

Ahlberg Audiology & Hearing Aid Services

Caring for Hearing Health Needs

Dr. Tiffany Ahlberg is committed to the philosophy, “Your hearing is our priority.” Her practice – Ahlberg Audiology & Hearing Aid Services – offers comprehensive audiological services to Bradley County residents and beyond. “We are able to test babies with distortion product otoacoustic emission testing and children with visual response audiometry; we offer auditory processing screenings, earmold impressions, earwax removal, cochlear implant programming, and all hearing aid-related services,” Dr. Ahlberg says, adding that her patients’ budgets and preferences are always taken into consideration. More than anything, Dr. Ahlberg wants to help others and give back to her community – and audiology has been a fitting career path to make that possible. “I cannot imagine a more rewarding profession than audiology,” she says. “I can honestly say that I love my job.”

I take great pride in taking care of my community."

My Credentials

Doctoral Degree:

University of Florida – Gainesville, FL


Certificate of Clinical Competence, American Speech Language Hearing Association


Reader’s Choice #1 Best of the Best Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, Cleveland Daily Banner

Award for Continuing Education (ACE) Recipient, American Speech Language Hearing Association

My Specialties

Hearing Aids

Aural Rehabilitation

Diagnostic Evaluations


Cochlear Implants

1. What sets your practice apart?

The remarkable service. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee, so when I’m helping patients, I’m actually helping family, friends, and neighbors. Our goal is to make your hearing our priority.

2. What do you love most about your profession?

Definitely the relationships – Ahlberg Audiology is not a 10-minute appointment scenario. Our staff spends hours with patients, especially during the initial stages, and builds lasting relationships with them and their families. It’s an amazing feeling to be a valued partner in people’s lives.

3. What do you see as the most exciting new development for your profession?

The most exciting developments are the amazing digitization of hearing devices. Hearing in the presence of background noise used to be difficult, but today’s technologies have significantly improved hearing in the presence of competing sounds.

4. What is your best advice for patients?

Find an audiologist you feel comfortable working with. Also, better hearing is a process and takes patience. The road to improved hearing can be challenging and requires time and commitment.

5. What’s the key to making a great first impression?

Letting the patient know that you are there to support them in their hearing health care journey. The audiologists here function as a “coach” of sorts, focusing on patient counseling and communication to ensure continued success.

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