Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Michael T. Czarnecki

Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants of Chattanooga

Helping Patients Breathe Better Again

Dr. Michael Czarnecki loves lungs. “They are a set of beautifully complex, yet simple-to-use organs (you often forget you’re even using them) that interact with not only every part of your body but your external environment too,” he says. Dr. Czarnecki is using his expertise to provide exceptional pulmonary health care in the Chattanooga area. While he spends his days treating a number of pulmonary issues, from lung cancer and cystic fibrosis to COPD, Dr. Czarnecki is also passionate about preventative education. “My Italian grandfather used to give three pieces of advice: ‘Watch what you touch, watch where you walk, and watch who you sit with.’ And now I tell my patients, ‘Always, watch what you breathe!’” he shares. “After seeing my grandfather die from lung problems and my father from cancer, I set on a course to not just become a doctor, but The Lung Doc.”

I find there is still so much to learn about pulmonary care – it is my passion.”

My Credentials

Medical Degree:

Baylor College of Medicine – Houston, TX


ABIM Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care


Graduate Alumni of United States Air Force Academy

Honorable Discharge USAF Veteran

American College of Chest Physicians

National Speaker for Rare Lung Diseases & Treatments

My Specialties

Endobronchial Ultrasound & Navigational Bronchoscopy


Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Adult Cystic Fibrosis

Pulmonary Fibrosis

1. What sets your practice apart?

We like to say, “We practice modern medicine – the old-fashioned way.” All of our locations try to maintain a warm, inviting atmosphere. We offer same-day appointments and take pride in not just working closely with our patients and their families but also partnering with our specialty physician colleagues to develop the best possible treatment plan.

2. What do you see as the most exciting new development for your profession?

Personalized medicine, including DNA testing, genomic sequencing, and stem cell therapy, is moving fast. It’s exciting to see better options for diagnosis along with new tailored therapies.

3. What is one of your happiest professional moments?

When I first came to Chattanooga 10 years ago, I performed the first navigational bronchoscopy in the city, which was a huge leap forward in diagnosing and treating lung cancer patients in our community.

4. What accolades mean the most to you?

When my patients tell me they are finally breathing better again. And of course, a smile always comes to my face whenever I see our lung cancer patients walk in for their annual visits – they’re survivors!

5. What’s the key to making a great first impression?

A great first impression is always leading with your heart…or in my case, the lungs.

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