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Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Jensen Hyde, MD, MPH, FACP

Erlanger Baroness Hospital

Patients' Health

Dr. Jensen Hyde, Chief Medical Officer for Erlanger, has wanted to be a doctor for as long as she can remember. When it came time to zero in on a specialty, Dr. Hyde was overwhelmed with options. “I liked everything, and if you like everything there’s nothing better than internal medicine,” she explains. “You get to see a little bit of everything when it comes to patient types and pathologies.” Drawn to the more fast-paced flow, Dr. Hyde, who has been practicing for nearly a decade, has found herself in hospital medicine and wouldn’t have it any other way. “I see and treat people when they are at some of the most vulnerable and frightening times in their lives,” Dr. Hyde says. “Being able to walk with people during these high stress situations is one of the things I find most rewarding about my practice.”

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. I feel like in a lot of ways it’s just who I am.”

My Credentials

Medical Degree:

University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine – Memphis, TN


American Board of Internal Medicine

Certificate of Clinical Investigation, UTHSC


Distinguished Women in Medicine and Top Doctor in Internal Medicine Awards, Top Doctors

Columbia University Merit Scholarship Recipient, Mailman School of Public Health

Resident of the Year Award and Resident Research Award, UT College of Medicine

Albert M. Hand Scholarship and Joseph Napoleon Mitchell & Nancy Harris Mitchell Scholarship, UT College of Medicine

My Specialties

Internal Medicine

Hospital Medicine

Public Health

dr. jensen hyde

1. What is one of your happiest professional moments?

I still get a lot of joy out of the day-to-day patient interactions – especially when someone starts feeling better. To see them get their spark back and be themselves again is a wonderful feeling.

2. What’s the key to making a great first impression?

Quiet confidence. People do notice what you look like when they meet you, but they react to how you make them feel and the confidence you inspire.

3. How does your staff enhance your practice?

Nobody in healthcare operates in a vacuum. I may not have an outpatient office staff in the traditional sense, but I have something better – a whole hospital full of talented, vibrant, passionate people who come to work every day to make a difference.

4. What is your philosophy when it comes to the care of your patients?

Ownership. I feel very strongly that if a patient is in my care, I (or the team I’m working with) have ultimate responsibility for what happens to that patient. This involves a lot of coordination of care to make sure we have a solid plan that is then presented to the patient in a way that is accessible to them.

5. What would you consider to be your main strengths?

I’m pretty efficient, and I also really enjoy seeing things through to the finish line. Taking complex systems and breaking them down so we can work through the steps to improve the process overall gives me a lot of satisfaction.

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