Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Henry Okafor

Erlanger Urology


A Chattanooga resident for the
last five years, Dr. Henry Oka-
for is part of the urology team at
Erlanger. “I chose this specialty initially because the treatment of pelvic floor disorders and incontinence in women is often overlooked in the field of urology,” explains Dr. Okafor. “I’ve always had an interest in science, and I like helping people as well.” He has also come to appreciate the variety his role provides – every day is unique. “I typically see patients in the clinic three days a week and operate two days a week,” he shares. When meeting with new patients, Dr. Okafor makes a point to treat them like he would his own family. “I strive to be approachable and welcoming, as does my staff – a positive and friendly attitude will always enhance the patient’s experience in the doctor’s office,” he says.

I’m grateful for the ability to make a patient’s life better.”

My Credentials

Medical Degree:

Howard University College of Medicine – Washington, D.C.


Board-Certified, American Board
of Urology

My Specialties

Female Pelvic Medicine and

Reconstructive Surgery


Dr. Henry Okafor with Erlanger Urology

1. What sets your practice apart?

We offer comprehensive urologic care to both men and women in the Chattanooga area. We employ the use of the latest technologies and treatment options to improve treatment outcomes.

2. What is one of your happiest professional moments?

I have several memorable moments, but the best one I can recall is from a patient who had two or three failed surgeries to correct a complication she had after a hysterectomy. It took some convincing to get her to go for one more using an advanced surgical robot to correct the problem. The surgery was successful this time, and she was so happy that she had her life back.

3. What is your best advice for patients?

Be honest and open with your physician. We are better able to address your problems when we get all the information required.

4. What do you see as the most exciting new development for your profession?

There are so many new developments in urology. In my particular field of urology, it would have to be the development of a vaccine against urinary tract infections for women who are prone to getting them.

5. What would you consider to be your main strengths?

The ability to relate to people from all walks of life, and I take responsibility for everyone under my care. 

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