Beautifully You – Kayla Savard, NP-C

Cúrate MedAesthetics

Tailoring Treatments to Her Clients' Needs

Anyone who knows Kayla Savard knows that she starts her day with a glass of sweet tea in hand. “It fuels me for my day-to-day schedule, which is never the same,” Savard, a nurse practitioner at Cúrate MedAesthetics, shares. “Some days are more Botox-focused, some are more filler-focused, but they are always fun and exciting!” Savard thrives on using her extensive training and education to get the most beautiful results out of every injection, and her client philosophy is simple: listen, validate, and remedy. “The world of aesthetic services can be daunting, so one of my priorities is to help everyone feel relaxed and comfortable,” she says. “My promise is to deliver natural and beautiful results that we both love.”

Do yourself a huge favor and go see Kayla at Cúrate! I was nervous about having my lips done, and she made me feel so relaxed and put my mind at ease. She has a super gentle touch, and the process was absolutely painless!"

My Credentials

Master’s Degree:

South College – Nashville, TN


Magna Cum Laude, South College

My Specialties

Medical Aesthetics

Facial Anatomy

1. What influenced you to pursue your career?

I have always felt a great deal of compassion for others and knew it was my calling to help people in some capacity. This drive to serve led to volunteer programs and mission trips throughout my life, and then eventually nursing as my career. 

2. What is the most rewarding part of your profession?

Helping my clients feel as beautiful as I see them. It is so fulfilling to help someone express their inner confidence through outward expression.

3. What is your best advice for clients?

You will never regret investing in yourself. It is never too early or too late to achieve your goals!

4. How do you develop a plan for each client?

First, I let the client share their “why” behind seeking my services, and second, I address the client’s concerns by suggesting the best services that are not only comfortable and cost-effective, but also deliver the most amazing outcomes. From there, the client and I can collaborate on a plan not only for today, but for the life of their skin.

5. What’s the key to making a great first impression?

A great first impression is about being yourself – nothing is more relatable! When clients come to receive treatments, they sometimes feel nervous or overwhelmed. I love to set them at ease through open and honest communication and validating their feelings.

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