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GLO Science Whitening Treatment

What is GLO?

GLO, which stands for guided light optics, is a technology designed to whiten teeth quickly and uniformly. The noninvasive system pairs a professional hydrogen peroxide whitening gel with a warming heat-plus-UV light mouthpiece to achieve desired results.

Good Candidates for GLO Science

For individuals looking to brighten their smile quickly and efficiently, or for those who aren’t seeing their desired results from over-the-counter toothpastes, mouthwashes, or whitening strips, the GLO Science treatment can be an effective solution for treating teeth discoloration.

How the GLO Science Treatment Works

To begin, your dentist will pumice your teeth to remove surface stains and biofilm to prep your teeth for the whitening agent. Next, a vitamin E aloe will be applied to your lips to protect them from damage. A lip and cheek retractor will be placed in your mouth to expose your teeth and prevent your tongue from moving, and your dentist will then apply the GLO gingival barrier around your teeth and on to your gums. The gingival barrier, which is applied one quadrant at a time, is designed to prevent sensitivity during and after treatment. When the first quadrant is prepped, your dentist will light cure that section and then repeat with the remaining quadrants.

Once your teeth are prepped, the whitening agent, which comes in two strengths (30% and 24% hydrogen peroxide), can be applied. The whitening gel is spread evenly across the upper and lower teeth, and then the GLO mouthpiece is inserted and activated. After eight minutes, the mouthpiece is removed and cleaned. For optimal whitening, this process will be repeated two to four times.

The Benefits of GLO Science

Using both heat and UV light, the GLO Science treatment is designed to whiten your teeth faster than many other traditional whitening systems. Additionally, since the controlled warming heat does not cause dehydration of the teeth, patients shouldn’t expect to face sensitivity after the treatment. Lastly, after the in-office whitening treatment, the patient can take home the kit for touch-ups down the line.

An Expert Weighs In

"Dentistry continues to evolve, and it is exciting to see technology make dentistry more accessible to the masses. A beautiful, healthy, white smile has the power to change your life and make you light up inside and out! Life appears on our teeth, and years of coffee, tea, soda, wine, or smoking can darken our smile. GLO Science offers patients the very best teeth whitening experience with faster appointments, superior results, and minimal sensitivity."

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