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University Surgical Associates (USA)

A Role Model
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Now in her eighth year of practice, Dr. Neelima Katragunta is always striving to be the best version of herself. Dr. Katragunta aims to practice what she preaches by making sure she eats healthy, gets exercise and sleep, and spends quality time with family and friends as much as her schedule allows. At work, her goals follow a similar motivation. “I am passionate about being a better person than I ever was,” says Dr. Katragunta. “I am learning constantly and always striving to improve.” With a top-notch team working alongside her, Dr. Katragunta is able to offer patients quality care and loves the genuine appreciation she gets in return. “It touches me deeply whenever a patient expresses gratitude for something I have done,” she says. “It will never ever get old.”

Many of the conditions that I treat are preventable. How well we take care of our bodies on a daily basis adds up over the years, and all of the tiny good habits can build and lead to amazing health benefits over time."

My Credentials

Doctor of Medicine Degree:

Armed Forces Medical College – Pune, India


Vascular and General Surgery (American Board of Surgery)

My Specialties

Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy

1. What do you love most about your profession?

Vascular surgery is a field that has embraced innovation and constantly strives to bring cutting-edge technology to patients in the form of minimally invasive endovascular therapies. It is one of the few surgical fields where doctors enjoy long-term relationships with their patients.

2. What is your best advice for patients?

The secret to good health is out in the open. Eat mostly vegetables. Drink mostly water. Avoid processed foods and refined starches and sugars. Move every day. Don’t smoke or vape.

3. What do you see as the most exciting new development for your profession?

We now have minimally invasive ways to treat conditions like complex aneurysms, blood clots, and strokes that could not have been imagined just a few decades ago. With endovascular treatments, we continue to push boundaries and incorporate more complex conditions, all the while focusing on making them more durable and with less radiation.

4. What is your philosophy when it comes to the care of your patients?

My most important job is to help my patients understand their condition and their options so that they can make the best choices for themselves, whether it is for treatment or for prevention. I always remind myself that it is a privilege to have their trust and to be able to do what I do.

5. What’s the key to making a great first impression?

Smile and be authentic.

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