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According to Dr. Michael Kluska, cosmetic surgery is both an art and a science – requiring more than just medical skill. “I find it truly inspiring,” he says. “While in surgery, I’m visualizing, molding, and creating – all things that intrigue me as both a surgeon and an artist.” With over 20 years of experience and training, Dr. Kluska is able to pull from a wide array of procedures in order to provide his clients with the very best options, and he strives to leave his clients happier than they ever expected. “I love seeing the newfound confidence and motivation for a healthy lifestyle in my clients following a procedure,” he adds. “Feeling better about yourself on the outside translates into feeling better about yourself on the inside, and I see this time and time again with my clients.”

Dr. Kluska has an eye for his craft that is truly one-of-a-kind. I was uncertain of what exactly I wanted/needed at the initial consult, but his caring manner, confidence, and knowledge put my mind at ease. My results are phenomenal!"

My Credentials

Medical Degree:

Des Moines University – Des Moines, IA


Triple Board-Certified in General Surgery, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery


Fellow, Board of Trustees, and Past President, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Fellow, American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

My Specialties

Full-Body Cosmetic Surgery (Including Face and Neck)

1. What influenced you to pursue your career?

I have always admired the beauty of the human body, as well as had a passion for medicine and helping others. Along with my undergraduate training in the sciences, I also pursued a degree in art. This combination allowed the specialty of cosmetic surgery to evolve naturally for me.

2. What is one of your happiest professional moments?

As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon as well as a cosmetic surgeon, I have helped many clients through tough surgical procedures that have ultimately resulted in the client regaining form and function from a traumatic injury or cancer surgery. Being able to assist someone in getting their life back has been some of my happiest moments.

3. What is your best advice for clients?

When having cosmetic surgery, it is of utmost importance to research your chosen physician. Talk to other clients, interview multiple physicians, and ask to see before and after photos before making the decision to have cosmetic surgery.

4. How do you develop a plan for each client?

I view every client as a unique work of art; that said, I really listen to each individual’s desires and customize a plan that suits their specific needs. 

5. What's the most rewarding part of your profession?

Seeing my clients transform not physically through their procedures, but mentally and emotionally is the most rewarding part of my profession.

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