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Effective Ways To Communicate With Someone With Hearing Loss

Annual Women’s Health Section


It’s easy to let health fall by the wayside, especially when life gets busy. But it’s always important to listen to the little voice in your head that suspects something isn’t right. Here, we highlight common health concerns for women, what to look out for, and when to see your doctor. Don’t let your busy schedule stand in the way of getting the help you need!


By Lindsey June


Hearing loss is a common health condition for women that is linked to loneliness and depression. 


Hearing Loss in Women

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect your ears. Research shows a correlation between hearing loss, overall quality of life, and several chronic health conditions. It’s also a common condition; according to the Hearing Health Foundation, as many as one-third of women in their 50s in the United States have some degree of hearing loss.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has added an additional stressor for women with hearing loss. Masks and social distancing make communication more difficult, and loneliness from long bouts at home can have an impact on overall well-being.  


Side Effects of Hearing Loss

A study performed by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) found that women with hearing loss are twice as likely to develop depression as those without it.  Hearing loss can cause women to disengage from social interactions and activities that require communication. The loneliness that comes from isolation can lead to depression. 


Effective Ways To Communicate

  1. If you know a woman who is hearing impaired, there are ways you can make communication with her more effective. 
  2. Get the person’s attention by saying their name. Speak clearly and distinctly, especially when wearing a mask. 
  3. Do not talk loudly from another room. Hearing-impaired people will need to see your face to know what is being said.
  4. Look at the hearing-impaired person in good light and on the same level.
  5. Keep your hands away from your face – and avoid eating or chewing – while talking.
  6. Have conversations in less noisy environments. 


Getting Tested

If you are a woman suffering from hearing loss, a hearing test could help you avoid unnecessary medications and re-engage in life. Hearing aids can provide relief and make you feel more confident when socially engaging. Your hearing professional can help determine what type of hearing loss you have and how to improve your quality of life with specialized treatment.

expert opinion on how to communicate with someone with hearing loss from Cherly Ward, BC-HIS at Audiology Services of Chattanooga

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