AI-powered oral observations are revolutionizing orthodontic processes.

Orthodontic treatments such as braces and aligners require regular monitoring to ensure proper alignment. While these checkups typically take place every 4-8 weeks in office, DentalMonitoring, an advanced AI-powered platform, has made remote monitoring possible. Orthodontic teams can use this system to track their patients’ treatment weekly with fewer in-office visits needed.

How Does It Work?

DentalMonitoring utilizes a mobile application coupled with an attachment for the camera lens. During monitoring, a patient will take a scan weekly. These scans take 1-2 minutes, making it possible to scan virtually anywhere. The software, along with the orthodontic team, then analyzes the images to track treatment progress and ensure all appliances are functioning as intended. The patient will also receive progress transformation videos of their teeth throughout treatment.

dental monitoring

The Benefits of DentalMonitoring

Problem prevention. Weekly scans allow orthodontic teams to address oral hygiene, proper wear of aligners, and broken appliances in a more timely manner, leading to better results. The team can also provide encouragement and instruction to patients on cleaning and caring for appliances more frequently, resulting in the prevention of potential problems later in treatment.

Convenient communication. DentalMonitoring allows patients to easily communicate with their orthodontist. Using the app, patients can message, send photos of their teeth, schedule appointments, and receive treatment instructions.

Improved patient experience.
The use of remote monitoring helps patients’ treatments move along efficiently, enhancing both patients’ results and experiences. It also reduces in-person visits, allowing patients more freedom in their schedule. Less time spent at appointments leads to less missed work, school, and activities.

An Expert Weighs In

“DentalMonitoring is one of the pieces of treatment technology that I have been most excited about. I believe it will have a huge impact on patient experience.”

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