Combating the Effects of Menopause-Related Aging With Bioidentical Hormones

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Growing older is a gift, but as you grow into your golden years, it’s important to stay on top of your health. Being mindful of health and wellness changes eases the aging process and prevents unnecessary worry so you can fully enjoy this season of life. Here, we talk to experts who share information about topics to be aware of as you age, along with preventative measures and treatment options.

By Lindsey June


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a natural way to hydrate and tighten your skin. 


Understanding Menopause-Related Aging 

Aging is a beautiful but challenging thing; with age comes wisdom and experience, but also an increased risk of illness and injury. For women, menopause is a major marker of that transition from youth to older age, and it can feel like a daunting time both mentally and physically. Additionally, research indicates that on average, menopause speeds up cellular aging in women by 6% – meaning that along with the internal change, you may notice more external signs of aging.

If you have menopause-related skin concerns, bioidentical hormones are one way to combat wrinkles and dryness. Not only is bioidentical hormone treatment effective at anti-
aging, but it comes with other added benefits, like better sleep and improved moods.


What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are identical in structure and function to the hormones produced by your own body. They are often provided by pharmacists who specialize in compounding so that ingredients are tailored to the individual patient. Bioidentical hormones come in several different forms, including creams, troches, pellets, capsules, and injections. Once your doctor determines that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is right for you, they or your clinical compounding pharmacist will monitor your treatment to evaluate your body’s response.


Anti-Aging Benefits of BHRT

Studies suggest that bioidentical hormones can alleviate symptoms of fragile skin as they increase skin hydration and reduce skin atrophy, resulting in tighter and thicker skin. In addition to the anti-aging benefits, BHRT treatment can help treat other hormonal issues like weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, loss of muscle mass, and fatigue. 

Because BHRT treatments are easy for the body to metabolize, they are ideal for women concerned about the adverse effects of aging who seek a more natural path. If you’re interested in combating the effects of menopause-related aging with bioidentical hormones, talk to your doctor or clinical compounding pharmacist so that you can get started on your ideal treatment plan. 

Tanya Manoni, Pharm. D at Designer Drugs shares an expert opinion on combating the effects of menopause-related aging with bioidential hormones

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