Southern Surgical Arts Beauty Bar

Going for the Goals

According to Caroline Barnes, an intentional morning routine sets the tone for her work day. “My morning always begins with feeding my sweet pups,” Barnes shares. “I go for a quick run, get ready for work, and drink my coffee, then it’s off to work to greet the day and my clients at Southern Surgical Arts!” Barnes has been with SSA for the past two years, although she’s been injecting since 2017. Helping each of her clients reach their aesthetic goals is part of what makes her job so fulfilling. Barnes adds, “I’m fueled by the desire to help people reach their goals and just make their lives better! My strengths lie in meeting my clients where they are and helping them throughout the consultation

I’ve been seeing Caroline for over a year, and she is absolutely phenomenal. She’s kind, makes you feel comfortable, and always ensures you look great!”

My Credentials

Bachelor’s Degree:

University of Tennessee – Knoxville, TN

My Specialties

Medical Aesthetics


1. What is one of your happiest professional moments?

Any time I get to help a client with a cleft palate, that is pretty amazing.

2. How do you develop a plan for each client?

I make sure to listen to each client’s initial concerns as far as budget and downtime – and then we collaborate from there!

3. What's the key to making a great first impression?

Lead with a smile.

4. What is your philosophy when it comes to the care of your clients?

Love on people; love on yourself.

5. What is your best advice for clients?

Take your time and be yourself. You got this!

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