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Advancements in Outpatient Care

Outpatient-accessible fitness centers encourage exercise within a community of support.

Understanding Outpatient Care

Outpatients are patients who require regular care that doesn’t necessitate an overnight hospital stay. Following an injury, surgery, or illness, you may receive outpatient therapy to support your recovery process. This therapy can include physical exercise under the guidance of a professional to strengthen your body, regain normal abilities, and aid a healthy lifestyle.

New Solutions

While some medical facilities offer fitness centers exclusively for outpatient therapy, an innovative approach to outpatient care involves opening these doors to allow individuals, outpatient or not, to invest in their health alongside each other. These centers are accessible and comfortable for patients as they undergo therapy. Members of all abilities can exercise in a space that fosters social support and encourages investment in health goals.

What to Expect

These centers offer spaces for both outpatient therapy and regular fitness use and create exercise opportunities that may not exist in other facilities. The equipment accommodates a diverse range of physical ability and needs, and trained staff are available to assist with both general fitness goals and individualized care.

Benefits to Patients

Outpatient-accessible fitness centers empower patients to embrace a healthy lifestyle and function independently in a facility with their needs in mind. As patients receive therapy, they become more comfortable in the environment and are more likely to join the fitness center to maintain the gains they have made. Following discharge, they can easily transition to group fitness courses and independent exercise routines and enjoy the familiarity of the facility and its equipment. In addition, fitness center members, whether they were previously outpatients or not, have access to therapy should they need it again.

An Expert Weighs In

“Using a combined fitness center and outpatient space allows our therapy staff to utilize the equipment and space that our fitness center members have access to. This allows an ease of transition for our patients on their track of healing and getting back to healthy living. Allowing the therapy patients to easily transition to fitness center members is our goal. The fitness center/outpatient therapy space has a feeling of activity and recovery that our staff and, most importantly, our patients find to be beneficial to accomplishing their goals.”

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