WavelinQ 4F EndoAVF System

This procedure offers a non-surgical vascular access option for chronic kidney patients undergoing dialysis.

Dialysis is a common treatment for people with failing kidneys to help remove waste from the blood. In order to receive dialysis treatment, patients must first undergo a procedure to create a point of access to the bloodstream for the machine. This access point allows blood to be drawn from the body, filtered through the machine, and then returned clean.

What Is It?

An arteriovenous fistula (AVF) creates a direct connection between a vein and an artery in the patient’s arm for physicians to administer hemodialysis. AVF is preferred by many patients because it is longer-lasting and has a lower risk of infection and serious complications compared to other vascular access options. WavelinQ is a minimally invasive procedure that creates an AVF without an open surgery.

How Does It Work?

A surgical AVF is created by dissecting a patient’s vein, moving it, and then sewing it to an artery. The surgical wound is then closed with stitches and heals within a few weeks.

WavelinQ creates this connection between a vein and an artery without the need for open surgery. Two thin devices are inserted into the artery and the vein through needle punctures, magnets align the devices, a connection is established, and then the doctor removes the devices. The arm will then heal with no need for stitches.

What Are the Benefits?

Compared to traditional AV fistula surgery, some benefits of the WavelinQ 4F EndoAVF System include:

Minimally invasive procedure. This procedure is done without the need for open surgery and can be completed with local or regional anesthesia.

Faster healing time. The small needle punctures heal quickly with minimal need for wound care, and stitches are not required.

Reduced risk of scarring. This procedure avoids surgical incisions and the scarring they can cause, as well as minimizes the risk of arm disfigurement that can come with open surgery.

WavelinQ 4F EndoAVF System

An Expert Weighs In

“As a vascular surgeon in this region for almost 20 years, I love it when improvements in technology or new knowledge can be brought to the patients in this area. At VIC, we want to perfect the outpatient experience for endovascular and interventional minimally invasive procedures. The WavelinQ Dialysis Access program is one step closer to achieving this goal for our patients who deserve only the best knowledge, technology, and experience.”

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