Starkey Evolv AI 2400 CIC Hearing Aid

This completely in-ear hearing aid connects to your smartphone and offers customized solutions for people with hearing loss.

Hearing loss is highly personal – everyone experiences it differently, and everyone has their own unique needs when it comes to choosing a hearing aid. Starkey Evolv AI CIC hearing aids are a discreet option that offers advanced technology in a small device that is completely customized for each patient. 

How Does It Work?

Evolv AI hearing aids are designed to effortlessly deliver clear and realistic sound quality regardless of the environment they are worn in. Designed to mimic the human auditory system, these hearing aids can perform 55 million automatic adjustments per hour for factors like background noise, wind, and sound direction. 

The Evolv AI CIC hearing aids are custom-molded to fit perfectly in your ear canal for discreet and comfortable wear. They are an excellent option for hearing aid users who want an effortless experience.

What Are the Benefits?

Ease of use. Automatic adjustments make hearing effortless even in challenging listening environments. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, these hearing aids can adapt for optimal listening. 

Discreet and stylish. The device fits fully in your ear canal and is customized for a perfect, individualized fit. Additionally, you can choose from six different colors designed to suit a wider variety of skin tones.  

Tinnitus relief. Get all-day relief for ringing in the ears regardless of how you experience tinnitus. With a relieving sound stimulus that can be finely-tuned, Evolv AI addresses every patient’s unique symptoms effectively.

Better phone call experience. Connect to iPhone and iPad with 2-way audio for seamless, hands-free conversations using the hearing aid’s microphone. 

Activity tracking and fall alerts. Evolv AI CIC hearing aids can track your activity and adjust according to what you’re doing. They can also detect falls and send alerts to keep you safe. 

Starkey Evolv AI 2400 CIC

An Expert Weighs In

“As a vascular surgeon in this region for almost 20 years, I love it when improvements in technology or new knowledge can be brought to the patients in this area. At VIC, we want to perfect the outpatient experience for endovascular and interventional minimally invasive procedures. The WavelinQ Dialysis Access program is one step closer to achieving this goal for our patients who deserve only the best knowledge, technology, and experience.”

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