RealEyes xDVR Binocular Video Goggles

What are RealEyes xDVR Binocular Video Goggles?

Equipped with infrared video cameras, the RealEyes xDVR binocular video goggles are designed to help treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV. The most frequent cause of vertigo, BPPV is the most common vestibular (related to inner ear and balance) disorder.

Why You Might Use RealEyes xDVR Binocular Video Goggles

These goggles may be used on patients who are experiencing excessive dizziness or symptoms of vertigo for whom BPPV has been diagnosed. BPPV is caused by tiny calcium particles, known as canaliths, collecting in the canals of the inner ear. When these canaliths accumulate in the ear canal, they interrupt the signals sent to the brain that help you keep your balance. The goggles identify nystagmus, a condition that causes repetitive and uncontrolled visual movements. These movements signal out-of-place canaliths and BPPV. By observing the direction of these eye movements with the goggles, the therapist is able to identify which canal in the inner ear needs to be cleared.

How RealEyes xDVR Binocular Video Goggles Work

Your therapist will place the goggles over your eyes with the cover on, so that you cannot fixate on any specific point. While on, the goggles will record your eye movements and project them onto a computer screen for review. Since the movements are being recorded, your therapist can review and replay to identify the movements associated with BPPV and thus the treatment necessary to eliminate them. From there, with the goggles still on, your therapist will maneuver your head, based on the information gleaned from the eye movements, to displace the canaliths. The goggles are also a useful tool in determining if your vertigo is caused by something other than BPPV.

Benefits of RealEyes xDVR Binocular Video Goggles

Before products like the RealEyes xDVR binocular video goggles were available, a therapist’s only course of action was to watch the patient’s eyes for repetitive and uncontrolled movements to determine the necessary treatment. Unfortunately, because the eyes move so quickly and subtly, precise identification, and thus treatment, was difficult. Now, technology allows therapists to treat BPPV more quickly and efficiently.

An Expert Weighs In

"The RealEyes xDVR binocular video goggles are a spectacular tool for treatment of BPPV. Since we can identify necessary treatment sessions, leaving them feeling better faster. Additionally, the goggles are very useful for patient education. When patients understand what is happening with their treatment and what to expect, they feel more comfortable, and having measurable goals helps keep objectives on track."

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