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By Anna Hill


High-tech and easy to personalize, this device takes hearing aid performance to the next level. 


Who Might Need It?

Coping with hearing loss can be a difficult and isolating experience, and unfortunately, it’s a commonly occurring health issue in older adults. By age 65, 1 in 3 Americans suffers from hearing loss, and by age 75, 1 in 2 Americans is affected. Generally, hearing loss develops gradually and can even go unnoticed at first, but the effects of hearing loss can be devastating. Fortunately, hearing aids and other hearing devices are constantly advancing when it comes to comfort, clarity, and technology, and the Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aid is at the cutting edge of all three. 

Benefits of the Phonak Audéo Paradise

Excellent sound.

Sound is an important part of how we experience the world, and this hearing aid is designed to deliver crisp, natural sound that reflects the world in the way that it ought to be heard. It also addresses the challenge of hearing in difficult environments, such as when someone is speaking softly or is standing at a distance from you. This device has a feature called a “speech enhancer” that boosts soft-level speech, making it more audible to the wearer. 


This hearing aid comes in seven different colors, allowing the wearer to go with classic colors or one that matches more closely to their skin tone for a more discreet look. It also includes various controls that will allow you to adjust your noise levels as needed. For example, if the restaurant you’re in is too loud for your comfort level, you can simply increase the strength of the noise cancellation. 

Accessible technology.

This hearing aid is connected to an app for your convenience when it comes to getting the best use out of your device. For example, the remote control feature on the app allows you to adjust noise levels in real time, and the hearing diary feature can help you track your user experience, which can assist in getting accustomed to and optimizing your hearing aid use. The app can also provide you with real-time access to a hearing aid professional who can assist you with your device if you’re unable to attend an in-office appointment. The hearing aid also provides connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled device for greater convenience when streaming audio. 

A good hearing aid can vastly improve the quality of life of someone with hearing loss. It can help you feel more connected to your loved ones and your community by improving your understanding of speech, which in turn can keep you engaged with the world around you. Devices like the Phonak Audéo Paradise provide a step toward improving the well-being of someone who’s had difficulty with their hearing. HS

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS shares her expert opinion on the Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aids

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