This partial-weight-bearing device allows patients to participate in therapeutic activities without the risk of falling.

If your ability to walk has been affected by a medical event, your doctor may recommend gait therapy as you go through rehabilitation. The purpose of gait therapy is to help patients regain the ability to walk safely and independently. LiteGait is a device that assists with gait therapy, making it accessible to more patients and safer for everyone. 

What Is It?

LiteGait is a device that keeps patients balanced in proper position and reduces weight bearing as they focus on training their legs and pelvis to walk properly. LiteGait’s unique harness design can be adjusted to suit a variety of patients with differing therapeutic needs. 

How Does It Work?

With a secure harness and a powerful lifting system, LiteGait allows patients to walk safely over a treadmill or the ground without the risk of falling. Physical therapists can adjust the weight-bearing mechanism to progressively increase the difficulty of therapeutic exercises as mobility improves. Patients can steadily build up coordination in their lower extremities as they work toward walking independently.

What Are the Benefits?

Highly adjustable. Most patients can safely use LiteGait regardless of differences in size or therapeutic needs. A single LiteGait harness can be safely and comfortably fitted on a wide variety of patients. 

Start gait training earlier. Therapists can adjust the weight-bearing load to precisely match what each patient can handle. This allows them to begin gait therapy earlier in the recovery process. 

Improved therapy sessions. Because the therapist does not have to worry about falls or balance concerns, they are free to focus fully on the patient. A single therapist can conduct a therapy session with LiteGait, aiding the patient with one-on-one attention that can improve outcomes.

No fear of falling. Patients can walk comfortably regardless of any balance or coordination concerns with the confidence of knowing that they will not fall. This can reduce anxiety and make physical therapy less intimidating.


An Expert Weighs In

“To optimize stroke recovery, research shows that patients maximize their neurologic potential when they are challenged by increasing the intensity of therapy, maximizing the number of steps taken, and engaging in activities that are stimulating and fun. The LiteGait equipment allows patients to increase stepping repetitions and explore their limits of stability while being safely supported by a harness. The LiteGait allows therapists to provide patients with an optimal blend of support and independence to meet their unique needs and lead to better functional outcomes.”

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