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What is Armeo®Spring?

The Armeo®Spring is a rehabilitative therapy device that facilitates recovery of arm and hand function after a stroke or other type of brain injury. This device strategically supports the arm and places it in a three-dimensional workspace, enabling it to become part of a virtual library of therapeutic exercises and activities. By allowing time to practice and perfect the skills that are being developed in therapy, the Armeo®Spring augments traditional rehabilitation programs.

Why You Might Need the Armeo®Spring

After suffering a neurological injury, individuals can often struggle with loss of arm and hand function. The Armeo®Spring is designed to aid patients in recovering movement and functional use of their arm and hand, thus improving their quality of life. Progress can be seen in individuals with recently diagnosed neurological impairments as well as those who have struggled with limitations from a neurologic injury years ago.

How the Armeo®Spring Works

After thorough assessment, the physical or occupational therapist places the patient’s arm into the ergonomic exoskeleton. The weight of the arm is supported to minimize the effect of gravity and make it easier to move. Sensors in the exoskeleton are calibrated to the patient’s specific needs and interfaced with the software. Next, the patient’s arm is placed in a virtual world that offers game-like training exercises designed to replicate commonly used movement patterns. The sensors in the Armeo®Spring record movements and provide feedback throughout the training session. This feedback can be compiled into progress reports that show development over time to both the doctor and the patient.

Benefits of the Armeo®Spring 

The technology associated with the Armeo®Spring allows the therapist to customize a patient’s treatment in ways that would otherwise be impossible. A small movement by the patient can be translated to a larger movement on the screen, making the success immediately recognizable to the patient, which is a critical part of the patient’s recovery. Additionally, the Armeo®Spring allows patients a way to continue working on skills outside of a therapy session– a vital step in recovery. Because patients can see progress and work toward a goal, they will often push themselves harder than they realized possible.


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