Advancements in Rehabilitation Technology

Originally created to help athletes improve hand-eye coordination and reaction speed, the Dynavision D2 technology is now aiding in the recovery of neurological and orthopaedic injuries.

What is the Dynavision D2?

The Dynavision D2 is a three-dimensional tactile board designed to test the visual field, including the periphery, of individuals who are recovering from neurological or orthopaedic injuries. Illuminated red and green light targets measure reaction times and accuracy across four different quadrants.

Who Might Need the Dynavision D2?

Patients struggling with impaired cognitive processing, whether due to stroke, concussion, traumatic brain injury, or another cause, can benefit from training with the Dynavision D2. When a brain injury occurs, memory, attention, communication, and visual perception can be affected. To repair cognition, it is important to practice brain exercises and stimulate learning. The D2 focuses on a patient’s hand-eye coordination and reflexes by teaching strategies like compensatory scanning, peripheral awareness, organized search patterns, and more. 

Those recovering from an orthopaedic injury, like a hip fracture, are also prime candidates for the D2 technology. In addition to improving perception and scanning speed, users build balance and strength by training muscle groups.

How Does the Dynavision D2 Work?

A therapist will set the D2 board to a specific test mode, difficulty, and length, ranging anywhere from one to five minutes. The user will then begin the timed trial. 

In the self-paced mode, tactile buttons will light up, remaining illuminated until pressed. Once accurately pressed, another button will illuminate. Users must continue to follow the lights and press the correct buttons until time runs out. 

In the apparatus-paced mode, the technician will pre-determine how long lights will remain illuminated. They will automatically extinguish if not pressed quickly enough, and the user will need to move on to the next target. 

Following the assessment, users will receive computer-analyzed results, notifying them of their reaction speed and target hit rate, in addition to highlighting quadrants that have further room for improvement.

Benefits of the Dynavision D2 Technology

By allowing immediate feedback, this treatment tool helps motivate and encourage users to continually push for improved results. Additionally, therapists can use the results to determine when to increase difficulty or which areas need further training. Not to mention, different modes and options allow for highly-specialized training, specific to the user’s needs.

An Expert Weighs In

“The Dynavision D2 is a dynamic and innovative therapy treatment tool for neurological and orthopedic patients. The technology allows the therapist to be creative in addressing various issues with cognition, hand-eye coordination, range of motion of upper extremities, and balance. More importantly, it gives patients feedback as the device tracks scores, thus acting as a motivational tool throughout the rehabilitation process.”

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