Advancements in Medication Management

With a dedicated circle of care, medication management is not only simpler - it's safer.

Understanding Medication Management

For anyone taking as many as five or six medications a day, managing doses can be extremely difficult. When taken correctly, medications can contribute to improved health, wellness, and daily functioning. But when taken incorrectly, they can lead to extreme side effects. A reported 1.3 million Americans are hospitalized annually from errors in taking pills, and 125,000 people die each year from missed or incorrect doses.

New Solutions

With advancements in medical technology, the responsibility for proper medication management can be shared by an entire circle of care that includes the patient, the caregiver, the health care professional, and the pharmacist. 

spencer is a cloud-based, at-home medication tool designed to help individuals taking multiple medications manage their adherence schedule by keeping the entire circle of care involved.

How It Works

spencer is prefilled by a certified pharmacist and dispenses the appropriate number of pills at specified times, eliminating the need for pill counting or sorting. It provides reminders, alerts, and support messages to the patient, and it shows pictures of the dispensed medications to ward off possible confusion.

If the patient misses a dose, spencer alerts the circle of care via text, email, or mobile app, and follow-ups can be handled on an as-needed basis. The device can also dispense medications in advance for times the patient will be away for an extended period. Prescriptions are automatically refilled by a pick-up and delivery service.

Lastly, spencer collects patient feedback and biometric data like blood pressure and blood sugar through Bluetooth-enabled technology so that any issues can be managed proactively. 

Benefits to Patients

By including a patient’s entire circle of care in their medication management, the opportunity for mistakes is greatly reduced. And for patients, it promotes independence and ease of mind. spencer’s technology is designed to ensure that each part of the puzzle is working toward the same goal – a happy, healthy life for the patient.

An Expert Weighs In

“Studies have shown over 75% of hospitalizations can be directly attributed to improper medication adherence. MedX Services’ spencer device offers a solution to a very common problem. The unique connected care model can improve the quality of life for patients and their loved ones. The data the medication management dispenser is able to provide enables each member in the connectivity circle to deliver a higher level of care.”

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