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From 3D-printing technology in dentistry, to robotic arm assistance in orthopedic surgeries, to anesthetic advances and beyond, new research in the medical field makes for easier procedures for patients and doctors alike. These Chattanooga-based medical professionals share the latest in revolutionary treatment options.

By Lindsey June


A medical reference app gives healthcare providers easy access to helpful information when it comes to managing patients with coexisting diseases.


Understanding Coexisting Diseases

Many people suffer from more than one chronic illness at a time. Sometimes an acute condition is superimposed on chronic conditions. During treatment and recovery, these are known as coexisting diseases. These can complicate diagnosis and might affect treatment options, presenting major challenges for both patients and doctors – especially when it’s time for surgery.

New Solutions

Luckily, with the advancement of mobile app technology, medical professionals now have a new resource to help them understand coexisting diseases that might not be diagnosed.

The Coexisting Diseases & Surgery app is comprehensive and easy to navigate for healthcare professionals. It not only lists the disease, but also gives a full description, causes, onset, diagnosis, treatment plans, anesthesia considerations, and more.

This app also provides information about potential coexisting diseases and their risk factors, which is helpful in a surgical setting. It allows healthcare providers to keep volumes of information in their pockets for quick access. Not all coexisting diseases are immediately known or present. In fact, sometimes the stress of illness, anesthesia, and surgery can unmask a coexisting disease that was previously undiagnosed. Apps like this describe important symptoms and concerns that are unique to the patient and the present situation.     

Benefits to Patients

Medical apps don’t just help healthcare providers, but patients as well. When your provider understands coexisting conditions, they can treat you with care and alert you to any developing conditions. This will help you manage your chronic condition when you talk to your healthcare team about coexisting disease. 

Apps aren’t just good for playing games and staying connected to friends – they also provide potentially life-saving services.

Expert opinion on medical disease apps from Matt Vargo, CRNA

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