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Southern Sqweeze

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What is “cold-pressed”?

Cold-pressed juice is produced using a press method that exerts 1,500 and 2,000 pounds of pressure to achieve maximum yield and 100% nutrient content. 16 ounces of juice is a double daily serving of fruits and vegetables, and leaves nothing to waste from the produce!

Why cold-pressed?

Using a press to extract juice from fruits and veggies retains maximum nutrient value and avoids creating heat which means more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for the body with a cleaner and crisper taste. Pressed juice is also extracted with much less oxidation (spoiling) maximizing the lifetime and quality of the juice.

When is the best time to juice?

Juice is great to drink when you’re low on energy and need a reboot, getting sick, or if you just feel like something is missing from your diet. Your body absorbs nutrients from juice best when your stomach is empty; before breakfast, after lunch, or even as a meal replacement are ideal times. Like the engine of a car, which needs to be serviced and have its oil changed from time to time, our bodies benefit from juices the same way.

Best ingredients to combine?

If you’re in need of seriously nutrient-dense add-ins to your diet, think green juices. A couple of ounces of a citrus juice (lime, lemon, grapefruit, etc.) will give your juice a bit longer life too. For beginners, a little apple juice can go a long way toward making your juice a bit tastier – red apples are best.

Photo by Lanewood Studio