Forte Fitness

female personal trainer working with mature man lifting kettle bell in chattanooga

Forte Fitness

2 North Shore

What is it?

Specialized one-on-one personal training.  All training is completed in a private training suite.  This personalized approach focuses on overall well-being and quality of life. It strives to build a functional body, develop cardiovascular fitness, and promote a lifestyle of healthy eating habits centered on whole foods.  Each client begins with a complete fitness assessment.  Then the staff of professional trainers develops a personalized training program addressing each client’s specific health and fitness needs and goals. 

What’s it good for?

Accountability and encouragement are benefits of this personal training approach – It assists people in taking responsibility for their own health success.

What areas of the body does it target?

Functional weaknesses are targeted while trainers help to improve clients’ physical fitness from head to toe. Total body fitness and functionality in all planes of human movement are the main goals of the trainers, with each client’s specific health needs as the focus.

Who does personal training benefit?

Anyone determined to improve their physical fitness and overall well-being could benefit, to some degree, from personal training. But it is especially beneficial for the individual who thrives with motivation and personal attention. Specified plans and a devoted support system nurture anyone who struggles with maintaining a fitness lifestyle, are unsure of what areas to work on, or even those who find themselves in a rut or plateauing.

Photo courtesy of Lanewood Studio