Are Your Kids Drinking Enough Milk?

Calcium is essential to bone development in the tween and teen years, but most children and teenagers are not getting enough. In fact, fewer than one in 10 girls and only one in four boys ages nine to 13 are at or above their adequate intake of calcium. Children and teenagers can get most of their daily calcium from three cups of low-fat or fat-free milk (900 mg), but they also need additional servings of calcium through other calcium-rich foods, including dairy products and dark green leafy vegetables.

Check out these daily calcium needs by age:

Birth to 6 months=210mg

6 to 12 months=270mg

1 to 3 years=500mg

4 to 8 years=800mg

9 to 18 years=1,300 mg

Source: National Institute of  Child Health & Human Development