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Mindi Blair’s Dance Cardio Routine

A Guided, At-Home Workout 

Dance cardio is one of the best (and most fun!) ways to get your heart pumping.

In fact, studies suggest that moving your body through dance improves your cardiovascular health and boosts your mood. Here, Mindi Blair demonstrates an easy-to-follow routine that you can perform just about anywhere.

“Who needs music to dance?! This is an 8-count hip-hop dance combo that you can do in any order and still look like a pro. Attitude, swag, and energy make all the difference!”

Picture of Mindi Blair

Mindi Blair

Instructor in WERQ Dance Fitness and Turn Up Dance Fitness, Downtown Family YMCA

Step Touch

Step Touch Dance Cardio Step

Extend your right foot to the right and bring your left foot to meet it (2 counts). Then travel the opposite way, extending your left foot to the left and bringing your right foot to meet it (2 counts). Keep soft knees and a loose upper body throughout the movement.

Ratchet Leg Lift

Rachet Leg Lift Dance Cardio Move

Keep your right arm straight as you bring it over your head, and at the same time, lift your left leg while leaning into your right hip (2 counts). Return to center, then bring your left arm up while you lift your right leg and lean into your left hip (2 counts).

Kick Ball Change 

Kick Ball Change Dance Cardio Step

Kick low with your left foot straight ahead. As you bring your left foot back to the starting point, tap your right foot out to your right side (2 counts). Switch and kick with your right foot. As you bring it back, tap your left foot out to your left side (2 counts).

Simple Travel Back

Simple Travel Back Dance Cardio Step

Bring your right foot slightly around, drawing an imaginary “C” with your foot and back with a left hip pop (2 counts). Then bring the left foot around and back and draw that imaginary “C” with a right hip pop (2 counts).

Body Rock

Body Rock Dance Cardio Step

Position yourself in a wide stance with slightly bent knees and a loose upper body. Lean your upper body down to the right (1 count) and come back to the top (1 count). Repeat on the opposite side by bringing your upper body down to the left (1 count) and back up (1 count). Your arms can come out to your sides, stay behind your back, or be positioned anywhere that feels good.

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