The 411 on Sodium

illustrations of salt shakers on a gradient

Learn More About This Misunderstood Mineral Whether subconsciously or not, you’ve probably made a food choice in the past based on sodium content (for example, purchasing low-sodium soy sauce over the regular variety). Health professionals warn about the dangers of sodium, and for good reason – consuming it in excess can raise blood pressure, which […]

6 Nutrition Mistakes You Might Be Making

illustration of bowl with carrots parsley and thyme

How to Fix These Common Diet Blunders We’ve all made decisions about the food we eat in the name of better health – and that’s great! The importance of a balanced, nutritious diet cannot be overstated. However, with all the information floating around on the internet regarding nutrition, it’s possible that you may have picked […]

In Favor of Fat

Foods with healthy fats

What It Is and Why It’s Important Fat often gets a bad rap – and that’s because this macronutrient is so misunderstood. Like carbohydrates and protein, dietary fat provides your body with calories, but it also gives you energy, supports cell growth, balances hormone levels, and helps you absorb certain nutrients. Not to mention, fat […]

5 Tips for Boosting Gut Health – Special Guest Post From Maite Bou

Gut health has become mainstream in recent years for a huge reason – it’s key because our gut carries out vital roles to keep our bodies functioning and our health in tip-top condition. Our microbiome, aka the trillions of microbial cells that live in our gut, has the power to influence our mood, digestion, and immune system and […]

7 Spice Staples for Home Cooks

jars of cooking spices in a row

Spice It Up Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or new to the culinary scene, this refresher in essential spices can help you take your cooking to the next level. Look beyond the saltshaker and fill your pantry with these common spices and herbs that are healthy to boot! Garlic Powder Made from finely ground, […]

10 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Eat Well for Less Contrary to popular belief, a healthy diet doesn’t have to be expensive. With a smarter shopping strategy and the right tools, you can dine on delicious, nutritious dishes without breaking the bank. Here’s how. 1. Create a meal plan. Take the guesswork out of mealtime with a weekly plan. When done […]

Should I Take a Supplement?

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Nutrients Needed as You Age If you can’t get the nutrients you need from your diet alone, dietary supplements can help you bridge the gap. Dietary supplements come in a wide variety of forms, from pills, capsules, and powders to gels, liquids, and extracts. Most traditional supplements contain vitamins and minerals or fiber, but plants […]

Food Fight – 7 Tips for Persuading Your Partner to Eat Healthier

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7 Tips for Persuading Your Partner to Eat Healthier Here’s the scenario: You want to eat healthier, and your partner does not. Suddenly, everything becomes a challenge, from choosing the weekly menu to resisting your partner’s culinary indulgences. Not to mention, you want what’s best for your significant other – and that includes a kale […]

A Sweet Deal

woman putting sugar into coffee

Sugar Substitutes That Satisfy While reading food labels can make you more mindful of your sugar intake, you can also try incorporating different sugar alternatives to naturally sweeten foods. Here, we’re discussing all-natural sugar substitutes that will help you cut back on the white stuff. Why Cut Back? Sugar has gotten a bad rap in […]

Edible Smile Enhancers

close up of woman's smile

The Best Teeth-Brightening Foods While one of the only ways to whiten teeth is to use the two chemical agents, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, there are plenty of natural ways to brighten your teeth and clean off debris. Since these tasty treats can remove debris and surface stains, eating them regularly just may prevent […]

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