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Withstand the Weather

6 Hair Tips For Rainy Days

April showers bring May flowers. They also bring hair disasters. Curly hair turns frizzy, voluminous hair goes flat, and by the time you’ve stepped out the door your well-coiffed mane is looking less than its best. Here are six ways to keep your hair healthy and sleek so you can maintain that ‘do  through any rainstorm.

1. Close the cuticle.

Keeping the cuticles of your hair sealed is one of the top ways to avoid frizz. A quick cold water rinse at the end of your shower will close the cuticles and make hair shiny and less susceptible to frizz.

2. Condition well.

Hair tends to get frizzy when it’s not moisturized well enough, so on wet days, try spraying on a leave-in conditioner. Giving your hair the moisture it needs will keep it from absorbing more from the atmosphere.

3. Style elsewhere.

Most of us do our hair and makeup in the same place we shower – the bathroom. But when it’s damp outside and you’re trying to fight frizz, styling your hair in a humidity-free zone is a better idea.

4. Pick your products.

Having an arsenal of hair products that promise humidity protection can be a lifesaver on rainy days. Spritz on an anti-humidity spray before heading out, and apply touchups when needed.

5. Pile hair high.

If the weather is too dreadful, sometimes the only option is a cute updo. Whether you’re going for a flirty ponytail or a sleek bun, be sure to use a texture-boosting product at the roots for extra lift.

6. Don’t touch.

Although it can be tempting, touching your hair can worsen the way it looks. Sweat, heat, and oils from your hands can add to the moisture and make it frizzier.

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