Fresh-Faced in 5 Minutes

Whether or not you’re a morning person, some days there just aren’t enough minutes between your feet hitting the floor and dashing out the door. Sometimes, the result is streaky foundation, splotchy bronzer, and smudgey liner, and other times it’s no makeup at all. In an effort to strike a balance somewhere in-between, we’ve gathered some of the best tips for getting a healthy glow that looks perfectly polished in no time at all.

1. Start with a clean face.

Wash well and you’ll have a clean canvas to work with. If you use your favorite cleanser in the shower, you won’t have to spend time scrubbing when you could be getting a head start on your super-fast makeup routine.

bronzer compact

2. Use double-duty products.

Why take two steps when you can take one? When time is of the essence, skip a plain moisturizer, which won’t help with blemish coverage or smoothing out your complexion, and opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead (be sure to choose one with SPF!). If you have bronzer, use it as an eye shadow too.

aveeno moisturizer

3. Skip certain areas.

Only have blemishes in one or two spots? Just focus on blending them in with the rest of your skin tone, instead of using a tinted moisturizer or concealer over your whole face. Dot the makeup onto needed areas, such as under your eyes to conceal dark circles or right on top of a bump, and blend in the color.

woman with concealer dots

4. Only focus on the corners.

Eyeliner may seem like the most time consuming makeup step of all, but by just lining the outer corner of the eye and creating a small wing, you add definition and drama in a few seconds. If you have time, create bright eyes with a light-reflective shadow in the inner corner.

woman with makeup brushes around her face

5. When it comes to mascara, go dark.

Don’t be afraid of jet black mascara, which can help you achieve more dimension with fewer swipes. Choose a lash-boosting version that promises full, thick lashes. If you have a few more seconds, curl your lashes first for an open-eyed, longer-lash look.

black mascara wand

6. Create a flush.

If you wake up with a bit of a ghostly pallor, blush is your best friend – rosy cheeks create a healthy, vibrant look. For the best effect, just be sure to choose the right blush tone for your skin. Then, apply strategically. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and high on your cheekbones. If you’re already out the door, blending red or pink lipstick onto your cheeks can add a subtle tint.

4 blush palette

7. Don’t forget your lips.

Your favorite moisturizing lip balm is all you need, and it’s easy to apply on the go. If you want a little more shimmer and shine, go for a light-colored gloss or lipstick. Light colors require less precision so they can be swiped on in a flash.

lip gloss

Skip This, Not That

When you’re in a rush, there are some steps worth skipping.

Bright Eye Shadow:

Skip the shady purples and grays, and go for the quick liner/shadow combo.

Highlighting & Contouring:

This makeup trick has its place and time, but when you’re in a time crunch, it can end up looking lackluster. Don’t skip out on a cheery blush for a faux flush, though.

Brow Touch Ups:

If your eyes, lips, and cheeks look dazzling, chances are no one will notice if your brows fade into the background. Perfectly groomed brows won’t need a touchup.

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