Anti-Aging Skin Solutions


As we advance in years, our skin gets drier and loses some of its firmness and elasticity. But a good skin care routine can counter these things and keep you looking young and healthy. 


Secrets of Youthful Skin = Avoiding Sun and SmokeAnti-aging skin care starts not with an array of products, but a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important things we can do to keep our skin from aging prematurely is to stay away from sun exposure and tanning, which compound the aging process.
Doctors use the word “photoaging” to describe the damage the sun inflicts on our skin. Over time, repeated sun exposure can break down collagen and elastin, making it lose its strength, flexibility, and ability to repair itself. The result is wrinkles, lines, a leathery texture, pigmented spots, sagging, and more.
An equally important measure we can take is to quit smoking, as use of tobacco further exacerbates the aging process. Nicotine impairs blood flow, which in turn deprives skin of essential nutrients. Additionally, several chemicals contained in smoke are known to damage collagen and elastin.

Top Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Start with SPF. Dermatologists agree that using
sunscreen daily can help prevent premature skin aging. Put on a minimum of SPF 30 every day before you go outside, and make sure the type you are using offers broad-spectrum coverage.
Be gentle. As your skin gets thinner and more delicate with age, don’t use abrasive soaps, harsh cleansers, or products that sting or burn your skin. Also, avoid excessive scrubbing and rubbing.
Lock in moisture. A daily moisturizer is one of the most effective anti-aging products you can buy. Moisturizers trap water in our skin, making it appear dewy and more youthful.
Consider retinoids. Dermatologists say the gold standard for treating wrinkles and fine lines is a prescription topical retinoid cream. You can visit your dermatologist for a customized anti-aging skin care system.